Goofin’, as per usual.

Goofin’, as per usual.

Hi, we’re
Matt & Chelsey!

Matt is a lover of bringing people together. After graduating from Alberta College of Art and Design with a bachelor’s degree in photography and design, he started inviting 100+ people on weekly hikes to combine his love for people with his passion for photography. Along the way, he met many incredible people including his wife Chelsey. He will continually tell a lot of bad dad jokes to keep you laughing, all while leaping over fences and traipsing through puddles in order to get the perfect shot of you on your special day.

Chelsey is a creative at heart and a lover of deep conversation. Why talk about the weather when you can talk about what really drives you to get up in the morning? With a background in administration, communications and art, she works with Matt through managing all of the type-A aspects of the business. She keeps tabs on you to ensure that everything you need is being done efficiently and authentically, especially on your wedding day.


After working countless weddings together, we share an equal love for photography. Nothing is more exciting to us than capturing the magic that takes place during a marriage ceremony and the time leading up to the big day. We are big nerds who spend a lot of our spare time watching science and gaming videos on YouTube, following along with Good Mythical Morning, playing video games together, and watching far too many British panel shows. If you’re a nerdy couple, we will get along great! (Board game night, anyone?)

Ultimately, our responsibility is to capture you and your person sharing life with one another and laughing so much that you get an imaginary 6-pack. It’s about the little moments: those small idiosyncrasies between you and your person that aren’t often seen by anyone but you, and having them in a photograph to share with your loved ones forever.

We’re more than just your hired photographers: we’re here to make friends, and we don’t want your special day to be the last time we see each other. We’d love to sit down with you over coffee or tea (or cocktails) and get to know you better, chat about your story, and how you envision your big life moments being captured on camera!

Based in Calgary, Alberta, we are available worldwide.