Instagram has really taught me how to connect with anyone really. Any walk of life, it doesn't matter, we'll probably get along. Maybe it is just from so much trial and error over my life of failed friendships and relationships that I have experienced. I just know what works now I guess. Through all this I've meet some pretty amazing people in the last year. From Country stars to Presidents of booming companies saying hi, even to people on their vacations trusting me as a tour guide. It's been a whirlwind if I really think of it, just the sheer number of new connections and friends I've made. It really makes me grateful for all the challenges that have come my way over my entire life. Without them I for sure wouldn't be were I am today.

As it comes to December this next week (February, were did you go?), I've really been thinking about this year and all it has done for me. It's that classic phrase of "I never thought I would be here if you asked me a year ago". You know what though, I really feel like that's the way we are meant to live our life's. This comfortable recliner our society has told us to work our way up to relax on is all turning out to be a throne of lies. This rule of being safe, to take it easy is turning us all into wimps. Change has begun to scare us and we end up living out our life's reminiscing about the 'what if's'. I am no better, many of my days though, I worry about my future, what happens when everything collapses? What if I don't get that job I want, even the job I thought I needed, what then? I don't have answers for that, I don't think anyone really does. I just know that everything will work out in the end, I've always known that. We will continue living, a new day is always around the corner. We have way to many times in our life's that we are forced to change. For better or worse, we can't avoid them. We can only look at those situations when they come at us and do our best with the hand we have been dealt.

This last weekend we had a huge crew of adventurers out with us, a crew from Calgary, Edmonton and even Washington/Oregon! These are a few of my memories from the journey of crazy snapshats, poor communications and many laughs.

Tuesday Getaway

When you have a free Tuesday, and off to go to the mountains? Who could say no? It was a early rise of leaving at 6am to watch the sunrise around Two Jack Lake and then the rest of the day spent in BC. I wish I could do this everyday, but alas real life beckons again.

Weekend Gathering

The weekend away at Pioneer Lodge near Sundre was marvelous. Just relaxing with friends, playing board games and watching the stars. You can't ask for a much better weekend. What is your definition of a great weekend?